Bowen Liu is a furniture design and research studio in Brooklyn, NY. Bowen creates unified sense body of work and provides design developing and prototyping services that enhance the conditions and ambiance of the contemporary dining and living experience. The studio focuses on details, the materiality, the tactility, and the durability.

Bowen Liu's work is dedicated to providing peaceful and harmonious feelings to people's daily life. The work is simple, thoughtful, sympathetic to the three-dimensional space in which the works are exhibited, and lasting in both aesthetics and function. Creating high-quality handcrafted furniture and objects that help bring people together and share good things with people is Bowen Liu's interpret of contemporary lifestyle.

The furniture is made by order in Bowen's Brooklyn studio. Each piece is designed and handcrafted by Bowen Liu. 


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                     Photograph by Shane Lavalette

                     Photograph by Shane Lavalette